My (mostly) weekly experiments in DIY nail art.
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Just to be clear, I’m a geek. I love Doctor Who. Well, I should say I loved Doctor Who before Matt Smith. Now, I still like it - but not as much. 

Naturally, I wanted to do a Doctor Who theme for nail art. I still mean to, but I wanted to practice my TARDIS nail first. Willing volunteer in the form of my sister, who is also a fan of Doctor Who, lead to the TARDIS manicure & “texting” Union Jack thumbnail. 

I have to say, this is one of the more complicated pieces of nail art I’ve done. My hands got pretty shaky as I was adding the details. For a little blue box, this manicure was a lot harder than it looked. 

I’ve had Essie’s Mezmerised in mind as the perfect color for the TARDIS for ages now. I used White and Black Stripe Rite striping polishes for the details. Seche Vite is my top coat. 

For the Union Jack texting thumbs I used the same base color as the TARDIS nails. Over that I layered in the White and Red Stripe Rites. 

If you’re going to attempt this one, be forewarned the TARDIS is harder to draw than you would think. Just deciding on a design I liked for it was tough enough. I’ve seen some really elaborate ones that are above my skill level & I’ve seen some really mediocre ones. Personally, I think I could have done better but this was pretty decent for a first try. 


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